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Our lawyers are focused on providing you with legal representation that will captivate your heart, mind, and soul. We hope to revolutionize the legal practice with selfless service and compassion by placing your happiness as our top priority. Although we desire to cover most areas of law to better serve our community, we do so in a way that does not harm you. Every attorney at our firm is limited to practicing only two or three areas of the law so that we can provide specialized care and attention. Come on in and see why we are one of the most highly reviewed law firms in the State of Texas!

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If your loss is under $10k, it’s a small claim court case, which we don’t handle. Thank you for your understanding.

The use of the internet or this contact form as a means of communication with AZ Law Firm or any individual member of the firm, does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and the firm. Confidential and/or time-sensitive information should not be sent to the firm through this contact form.

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Downtown Austin
2025 Guadalupe St
Suite 260
Austin, TX 78705

South Austin
10816 Crown Colony
Suite 206
Austin, Texas 78747

187 Elmhurst Drive
Suite A
Kyle, Texas 78640

208 Grand Ave Pkwy
Texas 78660

San Marcos
100 N Edward Gary St
Suite 112
San Marcos, TX 78666

Why should you hire AZ Law Firm?

Whether you are dealing with a family law crisis, an immigration deportation hearing, a real estate issue, facing a felony or misdemeanor conviction, or really anything in between, we have an attorney that is passionate and ready to take on your case. When hiring attorneys to work here, we make sure that they pick the area of law that they are most passionate and experienced to work in and limit them to just those areas. We also make sure that they exemplify our core values: excellent communication, compassionate care, and honorable treatment.

Unfortunately, attorney have a horrendous reputation with client satisfaction and for good reason. It may shock you to know that the number one reason attorneys get disbarred from practicing law is that they fail to adequately communicate with their clients. We aim to change that completely around and promise that you will never be left in the dark. With so much on the line, it is vital that you hire a passionate, knowledgeable, communicative, and caring attorney to actively fight for your rights. At AZ Law Firm, we are committed to doing just that.

We understand times are tough and that there probably hasn’t been a tougher time in your life. Although we could get away with charging exuberant amounts, we prefer not to as we are a law firm by the people, for the people. We do not want you to worry about whether you can afford to hire an attorney to protect and defend your rights. Call us and be surprised at the quality you receive compared to what other law firms will quote you!

Accordingly, the attorneys at AZ Law Firm will always provide you with a free initial consultation. During this initial consultation, one of our attorneys will evaluate your case, inform you of any legal options that may be available, and allow you to ask any questions that you may have. AZ Law Firm offers affordable rates for all our clients and will work with you on payment plans. Our firm accepts checks, debit cards, and most major credit cards to cover the costs of your legal representation.

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