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Generally, a foreign citizen must obtain a visa before entering the United States. The nature of their visit determines the exact visa necessary, be it an exchange program, a person in a specialty occupation and everything in between. If you are seeking a temporary visa, contact us for the best immigration lawyer in Austin to assist you in the process.

Temporary and Seasonal Workers Visa

Due to the lack of available employees within the US, foreign workers may obtain temporary workers visas to perform seasonal jobs. These visas are extended to temporary workers for up to 10 months. Most temporary workers’ visas are issued for temporary agricultural/horticultural workers (H-2A) and temporary non-agricultural workers (H-2B).

However, additional temporary visas exist for:

  • person in specialty occupation
  • free trade agreement (FTA) professional – Chile, Singapore
  • trainee or special education visitor
  • intracompany transferee
  • individual with extraordinary ability or achievement
  • individual or team athlete, or member of an entertainment group
  • artist or entertainer (individual or group)
  • participant in international cultural exchange program
Employers’ Filing Process

Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin is here to help. To be granted a temporary work visa, the employer must have applied to employ temporary workers. Typically, the process is as follows:

  • Step One: The employer files an application for prevailing wage determination. The prevailing wage to be paid is determined by the average wage for similarly employed workers in the specific occupation and area of work.
  • Step Two: The application for temporary employment certification is filed. This application assures that the admission of foreign workers will not hurt American workers by adversely affecting opportunities, conditions, or wages.
  • Step Three: The employer must register with the local State Workforce Agency while meeting all local requirements. Then, the job is posted through the local State Workforce Agency, newspaper ads, and local media advertisements to attempt to fill the positions from within the US.
  • Step Four: A summary of recruitment efforts is prepared for review.
  • Step Five: If approved, the US Department of Labor issues a certification.
  • Step Six: Recruitment reports, labor certification, and petition for a non-immigrant worker are submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Step Seven: If the petition is approved, it moves to the US Consulate where the foreign worker(s) may apply for the visa issuance.
Hire the Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin

There are numerous material and procedural requirements involved in filing for a temporary visa. Our immigration lawyer is here to help ensure your application process meets these strict requirements to avoid unnecessary denials. Give us a call for a free consultation, and we’ll begin assisting with your application today.

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Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin
Best Immigration Lawyer in Austin